Stronger Teams, Stronger Asks: Course for Development Teams

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This 2-part course will help you become a more effective communicator internally and externally. Our first session focuses exclusively on managing a development team (or gift officers) remotely. Using a fundraising management perspective, we’ll build your knowledge and confidence in virtual communication and empathetic response. The second session will describe the recent shift in structured visits and gift solicitation, helping you and your team remotely engage your prospects effectively.

Session 1: Internal Management 
Designed for Chief Development Officers, this 60-minute session will focus on effectively managing a development team in a remote world. We’ll use a fundraising management perspective to build your knowledge in effective virtual communication, share strategies for ongoing engagement and help you build empathy and impact by teaching you how team members are hardwired to act and respond to everyday challenges.

You’ll walk away from this session with a greater understanding of how to build camaraderie virtually, how to better guide middle managers, how to onboard effectively from a distance and how to get your team to perform for your organization. 

Session 2: The External Focus 
Building on session one, we’ll turn our focus to the external impact, outlining the recent shifts in structuring visits, creating personal connections and making the ask. This session will give you the tools and direction so you can make and maintain personal connections to your donors and prospects through a more attuned focus on audience understanding and strategic engagement.

By the end of this session you’ll have a toolkit to help refine and adjust your approach to prospect engagement and relationship retention.