Perfect Pitch: For Conference & Association Speakers

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Elevate your content with a 3-session course on audience understanding and presentation creation to help you deliver with confidence and impact.

Three sessions will be conducted over the course of two weeks. Class sessions will run for 45-minutes each with an optional 15 minutes reserved to address personalized needs and questions. As learning is progressive, we recommend all sessions are attended.

Session I
We focus on the formula of story, discussing how our own presentations can become more compelling and easier to understand.

Session II
Learn about the evolution of the presentation and why you need to work that much harder to capture your audience’s attention. Then deep dive into an exercise designed especially for pitching and crafting hard-hitting remarks.

Session III
With experts on media and production, we discuss variables like lighting, wardrobe, sound, and body language, differentiating between stage and screen.

We’ll talk through how presentation decks might shift, how to create your home set-up for optimal recording, and how to improvise should everything related to technology refuse to cooperate.